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JAC’D Bait Co

Hula Grub - Soft Plastic Lure - JAC'D Bait Co

Hula Grub - Soft Plastic Lure - JAC'D Bait Co

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Discover angling excellence with the JAC'D Bait Co Hula Grub Soft Plastic Lure.

Elevate your fishing game with our Soft Plastic Fishing Lures, expertly designed for unmatched realism and irresistible swim action. Perfectly balanced for bass and trout, these lures feature vibrant color patterns and durable construction, ensuring they stand up to repeated use. Ideal for various conditions, they're a must-have in any angler's tackle box. Plus, our commitment to sustainability means you can enjoy your hobby while respecting nature. Trust JAC'D Bait Co to deliver quality and performance in every cast. Get ready to reel in your biggest catch yet – order now!

  • 10-pack
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